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Weckebach room


Kasteel TerWorm has four meeting rooms:

Wenkebach room:

An atmospheric conference room with broad daylight and comfortable, generously sized seats and modern meeting amenities, in accordance with your wishes and requirements.

Surface: 69 m²
Length: 11 meter
Width: 7 meter
Hight: 3,5 meter

Capacity U-form / rectangular Theater
Wenckebachzaal 24 45


A small room located in the tower of the castle. A big oval boardtabel offers place for a maximum of 8 persons.

Surface: 14 m²
Length: 4 meter
Width: 4 meter
Hight: 3 meter
2-8 persons

Eyckholt & In de Koning

Perfect for workshops and training days. These meeting rooms offer room to a maximum of 8 persons, with a rectangular table. Both rooms are located in the Homestead with a pirivate terrace next to the Castle moat.

Surface: 40 m²
Length: 7.2 meter
Width: 4 meter
Hight: 3 meter
2-8 persons

The conference rooms can be fitted with audio and/or visual equipment, in accordance with your wishes and requirements.

It goes without saying that technical support is available. Our technical support staff members will gladly be of assistance.

Extra flip-chart with felt-tip pens

€ 20,00

Projection screen

€ 30,00

Beamer incl. projection screen

€ 95,00


€ 45,00

TV with DVD-player

€ 125,00

Teleconference set

€ 130,00

Videoconference set

On request

Wi-Fi Internet


Fax per page, sending and receiving

Hotel rate

Copying per page

€ 0,25 per pcs

Telephone at Wenckebachzaal and Eyckholtkamer

Hotel rate