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Geniet van het Voorjaar

Exclusief overnachten in de Torensuite

in alle rust, comfort en luxe

Culinair genieten

Lunch of diner

Terras aan de slotgracht

Zomers genieten


Exclusief lunchen of dineren


We are delighted that we are allowed to welcome more and more guests. Did you know that our hotel has never closed? Hotel guests are able to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner as private dining in the hotelroom. We have adapted our procedures and rooms in various ways, which allows you to have a safe and relaxing stay at our hotel. You will find all details on this page.

Do you have any cold-symptoms, including cold in the nose, runny nose, soar throat, mild cough or a temperature higher than 38 degrees Celsius/1--.4 Fahrenheit? If yes, you are requested to stay home and not come to the hotel.

It is important that you follow the instructions of the hotel staff members during yourstay with us. Additionally, all guests and staff members at our hotel are requested tocarefully follow the precautionary measures below:


Our rooms are professionally cleaned every day and the door handles of all doors in our hotel are cleaned several times a day. All our employees wash their hands every hour.

  • Wear a face mask in the public areas;
  • Preferably check-in only, we try to avoid unnecessary crowds in the lobby;
  • Check-in is from 2 PM daily. It is not possible to check in earlier;
  • Follow the indicated routing for inputs and outputs;
  • Payment in the entire hotel is only allowed by debit or credit card.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Hotel guests can have breakfast, lunch and dinner as private dining in the hotel room. We have drawn up a number of guidelines to ensure that everything runs smoothly and safely.

  • Wear a face mask in the public areas;
  • Keep to the 1.5m distance and follow the walking routes;
  • Finally, we ask you to (disinfect) your hands.

The terrace is closed.

Hotel bar
The hotel bar is closed.